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April 14, 2004: Updates on the Band
Lisa Zeiler
The most exciting event in Lisa's life over the last two years was the birth of her baby, Ariel Zeiler Abarbanel, on October 25, 2002, weighing in at ten pounds, two ounces. Lisa and her partner Amanda are completely in love with their new son, who is now an active toddler. Among many other things, Ariel enjoys dancing, jumping, throwing balls, and hugging trees.

Lisa wrote two new songs at the beginning of 2002, and has almost completed two more. Lisa is still teaching guitar, which she "thoroughly loves" because she "has great students," and she's also produced two CDs since the last Rebecca Riots show: Rachel Garlin's outstanding Five Minutes, and Eileen Hazel's delightful first CD.

Andrea Prichett
Andrea has sung at venues "here and there" with her good friends, singer-songwriters Shelley Doty and Green. Andrea and Shelley wrote music to the Pledge of Resistance, the founding document of the Not In Our Name project, and they performed the Pledge as a song at the February 16, 2003 anti-war rally in San Francisco, with 200,000 in attendance. The Pledge of Resistance song, as well as several other new songs, are available on Andrea�s "Rough Cuts" CD.

In July of 2003, Andrea spent a month in a Palestinian city in the West Bank. She was there as a witness and assistant to Palestinians as the �wall� cut through the city, destroying families and livelihoods.

Andrea�s next journey will be in May 2004, to Costa Rica. She is accompanying a group of high school environmentalists going there to help protect the eggs and environment of leather back sea turtles.

In March 2004, for the fifth year in a row, Andrea helped to produce "In Song and Struggle," a gathering of local women singer-songwriters, activists, and poets in celebration of National Women's Day. The event is a benefit for CopWatch, an organization that Andrea co-founded in 1992, to monitor and end police misconduct.

Eve Decker
Life for Eve has been "very mellow, which is exactly what I've needed and wanted." She�s been teaching elementary school music, which she loves; hanging out with her writer-husband, Marc; walking, meditating, and reading.

Eve has written two new songs since December 2001. "Seems A Little Crazy" was written in anticipation of a three month silent meditation retreat she went on from September through December, 2003. "In restrospect", says Eve, "the retreat was one of the sanest things I�ve ever done". Eve is now working on a set of ten songs based on ten qualities of the contented heart, including generosity, patience, and kindness. She hopes to release these ten songs in 2005 as a solo CD, produced by her brother, Ben Decker. (She�s finished the generosity song and will perform it with Rebecca Riots at the June 2004 shows).

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